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TicketNetwork — сервис по бронированию билетов по концерты, спортивные мероприятия и в театр.

Площадка сотрудничает только с лучшими профессиональными компаниями.


Поддержка 24/7
Гарантия получения правильных билетов
Бесплатная доставка в большинстве случаев
Площадка почти не представляет мероприятия на территории России
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I was an intern at TicketNetwork for the summer. I was assigned as a contractor from Accountemps through Robert Half Company. I was excited to work here because it was a new expereince and I like to get a taste of different business markets. I was trained quickly, about 2 weeks worth of information in a 5 day span but adjusted pretty quick. My co-workers made the experience very comforting, but I could sense that there was a lot of drama behind the scene and it quickly showed in the turnover rate of staff. In the three months that I was working, I saw at least 5 people leave for varying reasons. I was very concerned about this and as I found out more, it made it obvious that the company does not treat their employees right. Overall, if you are looking for a short period of employment or for experience, this is a good place as it will give you a taste of a call center job. I really don't see any benefits of staying aboard for more than a year and a half. Management does not give the experienced workers what they deserve. They very often give work of higher job titles to the lower job title, and will not promote or give raises for completing these tasks. The company doesn't value what I feel should be valued in workers and would be my very last recommendation to work for.

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Ethics are awful. Customers are the lazy priority and that is wrong. Employees are treated like garbage to the point where if they get really sick and can’t work, they get fired and replaced immediately.

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I wouldn’t recommend this job to anyone, truly the most toxic place to work, I’d sooner suggest retail to anyone looking for a job. Upper management is a joke, they are incredibly manipulative, they have other reps follow other reps to the bathroom to make sure they are actually going there, the work load is not spread evenly between day and night crew, there is an insane amount of turnover In my time during my last role i had seen over 16 reps come and go. They actively outsource to Guatemala because they fire indiscriminately and truthfully treat employees like fodder. I cannot stress this is the worst place I’ve ever worked in my entire life.

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Great team atmosphere, learned valuable experience from getting right on the phones and also guidance and training along the way from coaches and managers

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Without giving too much away, i can say that I was approached by the company, met with them, and they never got back to me, despite telling me specifically when they would. I pursued them for months, just trying to get a yes or no. Months later, they had me come in, and hired me on a contract, on a trial basis. I did not have job experience in this venue, nor was I given any instruction or guidance when I was there. My contract was short-lived, and before you think this is only sour grapes, trust me that I have years of experience at multiple companies - and I had never seen anything like this. Communication is non-existent, or comes in the form of being screamed at (not exaggerating) by the CEO. When it was apparent I couldn't survive without more specific instructions ("find out why these tickets aren't selling" is no guidance!), off I went.

This environment is toxc. People aren't happy. They walk around like zombies. Hey, it's a job - I suppose - but this is not what the employment culture is supposed to be like. 

Trust me - steer clear. You can do better.

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Used to be Google-esque. Was a great culture, but then the management style changed, more threats, less communication. That coupled with below-industry-average pay, not good. Good people started leaving, important jobs weren't filled, stress levels maxed out.

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Unless you are in a protected classification by HR expect to be exploited by this Company this is probably one of the most anti-education and anti-male establishments that I have ever had the misfortune to work for and if being lied to by the almost entirely female management team regarding my excellent performance was not an insult enough this company fired me for Budget Reasons then lied to the state of Connecticut to stop my unemployment then the following year they lied to the IRS claiming that I not only still worked for them but that they paid me income in a year that I didn’t work for them.

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I worked for TN during the pandemic which is COVID-19 and of course I worked from home. Horrible I was yelled at everyday for basically stealing money!! I understand that sometimes in customer service you have to deal with unruly customers but TN did not help out during the pandemic, I basically would tell customer due to terms and policies this can’t happen or that can’t happen nightmare
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